With my digital marketing firm Next Level Digital, I do a lot of digital advocacy campaigns with small state-based organizations who are affiliated with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP). These organizations have Facebook pages ranging in size from 2,000 to 20,000 fans. The FB ad ban was especially devastating to their advocacy programs because FB is BY FAR the best platform in order to drive advocacy on a small budget.

During the ad ban, we tried a number of other methods to drive actions to state legislatures — programmatic ads, patch through calls, P2P texting, Twitter ads…

Below is a sign-on letter — last updated May 7th — from the parents at JO Wilson Elementary School in support of Principal Guye Turner.

May 1, 2019

Re: JO Wilson ES — Parent Support for Principal Turner

Dear Chancellor Ferebee,

As actively involved parents at JO Wilson ES, we were shocked to learn that Principal Turner’s contract would not be renewed after only 8 months at our school. We wholeheartedly believe this is the wrong decision. …

(Note: This list first appeared on the CBPP website.)

“Many of us can point to one constitutional provision or another that we believe we could improve upon if given a chance. But a convention could do great damage to a charter that, on balance, has worked pretty well for a pretty long time. To take such a risk on behalf of a stupendously unworthy cause such as a balanced-budget amendment would be foolhardy in the extreme.” — The Washington Post

“A convention would be impossible to control. Nothing in the Constitution gives Congress or the Supreme Court the power to…

May 2, 2017

(Note: This originally was posted on Politico Pro.)

Lawmakers in both parties lined up Tuesday to rail against airlines’ mistreatment of customers, from their raft of confusing fees to last month’s violent removal of a passenger from an overbooked United Airlines flight.

But Republicans made it clear that Congress isn’t eager to force changes on the industry, a powerful lobbying force that has racked up a series of wins in Washington in recent years. …

Chuck Westover

Obsessed @UWBadgers & Detroit sports fan. Progressive, fmr @JenGranholm, @GovHowardDean, @ChrisVanHollen, @AFSCME, @LinkedIn, now @TheDemCoalition & on my own.

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